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Skin Cancer / Minor Surgeries

Skin cancer is an all too prevalent issue for people and families who live and work in New Zealand. When it comes to looking after your skin, it pays to be well informed, have regular checkups, and keep an eye on anything that looks or feels abnormal. As with all cancers, timely intervention is essential if you’re to have the best chance of a quicker and easier resolution to problems.

Prevention is nearly always better than cure, and in the case of your skin, that couldn’t be truer. At Botany Medical and Urgent Care, We can do skin checks and treat skin cancers. We perform a wide range of minor skin surgeries and treatment.

Skin cancer treatment in Botany couldn’t be more straightforward. Registration with Botany Medical and Urgent Care is simple, booking an appointment is simple, and we’re open 8 am until 8 pm 7 days a week.

For a full range of skin treatments and skin cancer prevention, visit your local Botany GP and protect yourself and your family from the dangers of skin cancer. Call Botany Medical and Urgent Care today on 09 280 1790 for advice and to book an appointment.