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Women's Health

At Botany Medical and Urgent Care, we know that the pressures of the modern world can take their toll on even the strongest of people. Life is fast, work hours are long, and we don’t get enough time to rest or look after ourselves. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that you stay in touch with your local doctor.

We have a Female GP in Botany who has a particular professional interest in all aspects of women’s health. She deals with problems related to menstruation, issues around fertility and infertility, poly-cystic ovaries maternity care and practices many variations on menopausal treatment.

For new and expectant mothers, we a 1st point of contact for offer antenatal and timely referral to midwifery services. When it comes to screening and prevention, we run a nurse led cervical and breast screening programmes.

No matter how modern the world is getting, some things haven’t ? changed so much. Even when a woman is also holding down a job, when she’s raising a family, she often has no choice but to multi-task, soldier on, and bear the brunt of the strain day-to-day, even if she’s not feeling 100%. Your local Botany Doctors at Botany Medical and Urgent Care think it’s time you took time out and registered for regular screening and checkups. Give us a call today on 09 2801790, or make an online booking to see what we can do.