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Paediatric Medicine

Botany Medical and Urgent Care is a conscientious provider of paediatric medicine in South Auckland. As a family practice, we’re fully equipped to ensure that your whole family receive the best care possible, and our staff are some of the most experienced practitioners around.

Children and adolescent health problems are typically more challenging to diagnose than similar problems in adults because kids are often unable to articulate, describe, or understand the symptoms they’re having. That’s why it’s essential that a child is examined and treated by an experienced doctor: The diagnostic abilities of a doctor are fundamental – and an excellent bedside manner can come in very handy too!

One of the other challenges of paediatric care can be that children are far less capable than adults when it comes to managing their recovery. Ongoing and regular treatment and care of children is the key to their recovery, and at Botany Medical and Urgent Care, we take our role in that process very seriously.

As your local Botany GP, we can provide excellent and timely care for acute medical conditions in kids which require immediate attention. Our staff are experts in child medicine and health, and acute conditions like asthma and bronchiolitis. Give us a call today on 09 2801790 to make an appointment, or use our handy online booking system.