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Mental Health

We live in a very modern world; technology has given us all sorts of gadgets and things move faster every day – but where we still lack a bit as a society is in how we approach mental health issues.

Our approach at Botany Medical and Urgent Care is one that puts the patient and their concerns first – without exceptions. You can come here and talk to your local Botany GP – they’ll listen and advise, support, and work with you to find sensible solutions for any mental health issues you’re experiencing and answers with which you’re comfortable.

We know that mental health issues can be alarming and extremely disruptive to your day-to-day life – and we want to try to help with that. We also realise that mental health has a knock-on effect on your physical health as well, so we’ll keep an eye on that for you.

At Botany Medical and Urgent Care, we provide appropriate advice, support and medication when needed – and we don’t talk down, don’t judge, and won’t let you down. We have the people and experience to deal with all sorts of issues and conditions. We also arrange appropriate referrals to specialists and psychologists for counselling when it’s a suitable way to complement treatment. Our expert doctors maintain high levels of professionalism, compassion and confidentiality – at all times.

We know it can be a tough decision to make when you are looking for mental health services – Botany GP services at Botany Medical and Urgent Care seeks to provide an easy and effective, local solution when you need it most. Poor mental health impacts a higher number of people each year than cancer and even heart disease.

We know that living and coping with a mental health condition can profoundly affect your daily life, and we’ll do all we can to ease the pressure as quickly as we can. Call or book online today on 09 2801790 to see how we can help.